Baker Bean Grinder MFS-J120

The Baker Bean Grinder MFS-J120 is the newest innovational food processor in my company. The Baker Bean Grinder MFS-J120 developed in strict accordance with relevant national standards and specially for grinding for grinding milk. The Baker Bean Grinder MFS-J120 widely used in factory, hotel, restaurant, canteen, enterprise and etc. The Baker Bean Grinder MFS-J120 is made of stainless steel, elegant appearance, easy to clean, durable, good structure, easy to operate, and high efficiency. The Baker Bean Grinder MFS-J120 with a single phase motor and pioneered the use of low voltage motor starter is a national initiation.

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Model: MFS-J120
Type: Fully stainless steel
Rated Power: 1.5kW
Voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Grinding Efficiency: 40 – 50 kg / hour
Size: Ø 925 x 331 mm
Speed: 2850 rpm
Weight: 35 Kg
Dimension: 280 x 825 mm


International popular style
All stainless steels construction
Luxurious, beautiful and safe
Energy-saving and useful
Made of stainless steel
Elegant appearance
Easy to clean and durable
Good structure
Easy to operate and high efficiency
Warranty 1 year

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