Baker Bean Grinder FDM-125

The Baker Bean Grinder FDM-125 is a new kind of soy milk processing machine. The Baker Bean Grinder FDM-125 is mainly through the motor with grinding wheel and filter support drive. The Baker Bean Grinder FDM-125 adopts latest mechanical seal structure, make filter and motor completely sealed, prevent soy milk spill into motor. The stainless steel body makes the machine more elegant. The Baker Bean Grinder FDM-125 is easy to operate with high efficiency. All part touched with food are good aluminium alloy and stainless steel, conforms to food hygiene standards. The Baker Bean Grinder FDM-125 is suitable for enterprise of soybean grinding.

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Model: FDM-125
Power: 1.5kW
Phase: 1HP
Diameter of Grinding Wheel: 125 mm
Productivity: 80 Kg/ hour
Voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Speed: 2800 rpm
Temperature: Surrounding temperature ±50°C
Weight: 35Kg
Dimension: (L) 390 x (W) 360 x (H) 790 mm


Adopt latest mechanical seal structure
Elegant appearance
Compact structure
Convenient cleaning
Corrosin resistant and non-rusting
Ensure health
Less consumption
Low noise
Small size and convenient to move
Easy to operate
High working efficiency
Part touch with food are made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel
Durable and longer use
With filter to separate out the soy milk
Warranty 1 year

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