WINCH ESE HW-2000150

Winch ESE HW-2000150 is a heavy-duty lifting and pull heavy loads applications with rated power 7.5 hp motor and high speed control ability. Winch electric cable is also used in medium and large-sized concrete batching plant to lift steel structure and mechanical equipment. Suitable used widely on architecture, port, forestry, construction sites, mining and etc. Winch HW-2000150 provide equipment in a 12 m/min speed, pulling tension and rated capacity is 2000 kg.

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Rated Load: 2000 Kg
Speed: 12 m/min
Lift: 150 m
Power: 7.5 HP
Voltage: 415V / 50Hz
Diameter Of The Cable Wire: 15.5 mm
Net Weight: 630 Kg


High reliability
Stable performance and simple operation
Easy maintenance and top quality
Large loading capacity and high versatility
High safety standard at work
Electric drum winch participates in cargoes lifting, unloading, pushing, dragging and slinging works.
Electric motor installed on a body frame
Motor, coupler, gear box reel, electromagnetic brake, electromagnetic controller and chassis
Made in Taiwan

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