Vitoli Liquid Filling Machine G1WGD-1000

Vitoli Liquid Filling Machine G1WGD-1000 are semi-automatic piston single head pastry filling machine type. Vitoli Liquid Filling Machine G1WGD-1000 material is sucked and pumped through a piston driven by a cylinder and its flow direction controlled by a three-way rotating valve. The cylinder stroke is controlled by a signal valve and filling amount adjusted by a hand wheel. Vitoli Liquid Filling Machine G1WGD-1000 is suitable for filling pastryliquid substances in foodstuffs, daily-used chemicals and other chemical industries and cannot be used for other purposes. Vitoli Liquid Filling Machine G1WGD-1000 is very convenient, reasonable in design and easy to operate.

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Model : G1WGD-1000
Type: Semi-Auto Piston Type
Material: Stainless steel
Power: 10 W
Voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Phase: 1PH
Current: 1A
Rated Air Pressure: 4 – 6 kg
Air Consumption: 0.3m³ / min
Filling Valve Head: Single Head
Filling Speed: 0 – 50 Bottles / minutes
Filling Accuracy: ± 0.5% – ± 1%
Filling Range: 80 – 1100 ml
Preferred Filling Range: 100 – 1000 ml
Weight: 28 Kg
Dimension: (L) 560 x (W) 560 x (H) 180 mm


All parts material contacting with the foods are made of stainless steel
Foreign filling machine technology adopted
Simple in construction
Easier in operation
Reasonable design
Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted
High filling accuracy
Adopts anti-leakage
Stability compressed air
Filled by two method of pedaling and auto filling
Can fill all kinds of containers such as bottles, cans, cups, etc
Ideal equipment for filling inflammable, explosive materials
Good quality special treatment

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