Vitoli Air Compressor 2HP

Air Compressor 2 horsepower with single-phase motor is a new pattern of air feed equipment which designed according to specifically climate and environment. It is also the ideal power for kinds of air driven tools and air driven machinery. Efficiency of air delivery valve speed at 250 L/min with tank 100 liter are more advanced and improved from 8 to 10 percent compare to the traditional one. The compressor mainframe are passed more than 80 times of inspections to ensure the required high exactitude on design.

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Power: 2Hp / 1 Ph
Voltage: 240V / 50Hz
Piston: 65 x 2 mm
Pressure: 8 Bar
Air Delivery: 250 L / min
Tank: 100 L
Packing List: 1.14 / 0.48 / 0.83
Work Time: 2:47:00
Weight: 78 Kg


Portable, reliable and durable
Advanced of air delivery valve
High exactitude on design
Safety with multiple protection
Flexible move
Simple operation and convenient maintenance
Smoother working
Lower noise
Lower oil consumes
Higher reliability
Longer life
Lower maintaining expense
Easy to check and add oil
Warranty 6 months

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