Rebar Straightener DBR-32HD

The brand-new Diamond DBR-32HD is an electro-hydraulic rebar bender and straightener for bending and straightening up to 32mm rebar, up to 620N/mm² strength, which is the highest strength rebar currently available.The DBR-32HD is lightweight (only 27.8kg) and can bend up to 90 degrees and straighten bent rebar from 144 degrees back to straight in under 12 seconds.Single phase mains electricity or generator as a power supply with power input 2000W.Well suited to larger construction jobs and even small fabrication shops.

Stock Code: 881309003

Brochure:  Diamond Rebar Rebar Straightener DBR-32HD



Max. rebar diameter: 32mm (1 ¼ “)
Bending speed: 12 sec. / 90 degrees
Max. tensile strength: 650 N/mm²
Bending angle: Up to 144 degrees
Power supply: Single phase mains electricity / Generator
Voltage: 100V/115V/240V
Power Input: 2000W
Dimension: (L)686 x (W)264 x (H)217mm
Weight: 27.8 Kg
Warranty: 6 months


Double acting hydraulic capable of push or pull bending or straightening up to 32mm rebar
Reversible bending hook
Highest strength rebar cutter
Lower weight but toughness durability
Produces 45 tons of pressure
Suitable to larger construction job and even small fabrication shops
Standard accessories: tool kit, oil cup, side roller and cardboard case
Made in Japan

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