Hawk Floor Machine FCM005

Hawk Floor Machine FCM005 is designed for polishing of all kinds of stone floor. Its rotational speed is up to 1500 rpm. After waxing and polishing, the floor will be as smooth as a mirror. Furthermore, after high-speed rubbing, the hardness of the floor will increase, making it a more efficient way to protect the stone surfaces. After wax spraying and polishing, the floor will restore its luster immediately. Doing the cleaning quickly and properly will save your time and efforts. FCM005 are suitable used at Airports, Hotels, Factories, Shopping malls, Convention halls, Hospital, Supermarket, Warehouse, School and dock.

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Power: 1.5 Hp
Voltage: 240V / 50Hz
Speed: 1500 rpm
Main Cable Length: 12m
Base Plate Diameter: 20”
Non-load: + 7% difference
Weight: 45 Kg
Safety Performance: Class 1
Interior Structure Material: Aluminum structure
Exterior Structure Material: Plastic Structure
Corrosion Resistance: Acid-proof, Alkali-proof
Impact Resistance: Slight Impact
Main Functions: High-speed polishing
Assy: Main body and handle
Color: Blue


Stability and compatibility
Easy installation and operation
Consistent quality and reputation
High-class design and durability
Economically with low investment
Deep cleans and reduce allergens
High-speed polishing machine
save time and energy
Warranty 6 months

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