Electric Oven ESM-120L

The Baker Electric Oven is a cooking appliance that baking and warms up food with hot air circulation. The Baker Electric oven work by using heating elements placed on the inside walls of the oven and have a lot more options for cooking your food at the touch of a button. The Baker Electric oven ESM-120L is the best oven ranges available with an integrated rotisserie and a small fan to distribute hot air around the oven, which helps cook the food more evenly, quickly, easiest to use, easiest to clean and the easiest to achieve even cooking. For Better result, heat the oven before cooking some delicate meals, such as rare medium meat and cakes.

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Type: Electric Oven
Capacity: 120L
Power: 2800W
Voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Main Color: Black
4 Function Button: Rotisserie/Convection, Thermostat Switch Knob, Heater Switch Knob, and Time Control Knob
Gross Weight: 25 Kg
Dimension : (L) 760 x (W) 480 x (H) 455 mm


With internal lamp (Interior light works with TIMER)
With rotisserie function
With convection function
With printing black color body and door frame
Stainless steel heating elements
Adjustable thermostat from 100’C to 250’C
4 stages power selection : off, upper, lower, both
Rotisserie function rotates 3600
120 minutes timer to program cooking time with bell ring and on function
Accessories : Wire rack, 2 Bake Trays, Rotisserie handle, Wire rack handle, Tray handle.
Warranty: 1 year

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