Diamond Rebar Cutter DC-16W

The best selling, the DC-16W is a portable heavy-duty compact but rugged, professional grade cutter for rebar’s up to 16mm (5/8”) 650N/mm² tensile strength and taking only 2.5 second .The DC-16W rebar cutter is designed for cutting application vertically and horizontal with efforthless without using energy. It run off single phase mains using an electricity or generator of power supply. The portable cutter will safely, efficiently and cleanly cut rebar. Helps save valuable man-hours by cutting from 4mm up to 16mm rebar for the job. Diamond cutter are quick and easy to use allowing you to safely cut low to medium carbon steel wire, rod, chain and bolts.

Stock Code: 881307002



Max. rebar diameter: 4-16mm (5/8“)
Cutting speed: 2.5-3 sec.
Max. tensile strength: 650 N/mm²
Power supply: Single phase mains electricity / Generator
Voltage: 100V/115V/230V
Power Input: 1050W
Weight: 8.0kg
Dimensions: (L)460 x(W)270 x(H)115 mm
Warranty: 6 months


No flames, no heat, no sparks
Lightweight, compact but rugged
Precision-balanced armature
Long-life slloy cutting blocks
D-handle style
Safely, efficiently and cleanly cut rebar
Double insulation
Cutter guard
Release valve
Produces 15 tons of pressure
Standard accessories: tool kit, side handle, oil cup and plastic carrying case
Made in Japan

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