Tideway Milking Machine HSL-2

The Tideway HSL-2 Portable Milking Machine is propelled by the vacuum pump. The design and advance technology ensure its reliability and working performance, long working life, high efficiency, easy operation, sanitary milking and low noise. Especially, its unique milk collector, regulating valve and reliable pulsation prevent the cow from mastitis and make it feel comfortable. The HSL-2 has double buckets and two milking claws that can handle two cows simultaneously at any given time. The Tideway HSL-2 comes with an adjustable pulsator to suit your local needs. Most suitable for 20 to 24 cows per hour. Suitable for a majority of dairy farmer sectors.

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Vacuum Pump – Exhaust Capacity: 200 L/min
Vacuum Pump – Vacuum Pressure: 45 – 50 Kpa
Vacuum Tank: 18L, electrogalvanised
Electric Motor Power: 0.75kW
Electric Motor Voltage: 240V / 50Hz
Motor Speed: 1440 rpm/min
Pulsation Frequency: 60 ppm
Pulsation Rate: 65 : 35
Pulsation time: 60/40 per minute
Milking Cluster: 2 sets
Milk Bucket: 25L x 2
Milk Claw: Plastic
Working Capacity: 20 – 24 cows per hour
Dimension: (L)710 x (W)700 x (H)950 mm


High efficiency
Easy operation and consistency
Less maintenance
Low noise
Easy to clean and sanitize
Long working life
Faster milking production
Quality milk yield
Cut down the cost of operation
Flexible and convenient trolley to move milk around
Lightweight but robust construction
Milking system: Pulsator, claw, stainless steel teat cups, milking liber and tubes, double stainless steel milk bucket
Vacuum pump set: Vacuum pump, motor vacuum tank. vacuum regulator and vacuum meter
Increased milking frequency
Perceived lower stress environment between automatic and conventional milking
Warranty 6 months

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